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We are you. Your thoughts. Your opinions. Your discussion.

Ignite – ME (Middle East) started from a pure and unfiltered love for discussion, debate, the clashing of minds, the meeting of minds, thought-provoking dialogue, and the never ending need to be heard in regard to taboo issues that are not discussed openly in public spaces in the Middle East.

This online publication is a place for people to stop by, read a bite-sized article summing up an idea, thought, prose, or viewpoint, then engage in healthy discussion with others in the comments section. It is meant to challenge readers to open their minds and understand that embracing alternate perspectives is a form of education in itself.

Our ultimate goal is to connect people and move forward as a society by engaging with different viewpoints and taking the time to listen, reflect, and discuss with each other.

Browse our sections and consider contributing to our platform. Without you, there is no Ignite. Strike the match now.

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