KG Kisses: The Hypocrisy of Parents

Recently, my social media feed has been overflowing with a number of videos and memes regarding the same “viral” audio clip. Basically the clip involves two parents, attacking each other verbally because their kids hugged and kissed each other at school. Not the issue at hand, but how does such silly shit go viral anyway? It is ridiculous to me what topics and issues become popular with society. Anyway, the children involved are a boy and a girl in kindergarten, which means they have no idea about moral or ethical boundaries, but again, that’s not the issue here.
If you haven’t already heard it, please take a listen, before you continue reading.

My problem with this clip is that it represents everything that’s wrong with Egyptian society. First of all, the mother of the girl who was kissed represents a character of the community that overflows with ignorance. She is completely burkified, veiled from head to toe.. I know it’s a stereotype, but through my experience, most of these people seriously have a very primitive and dark concept of gender equality, human rights, and public morality. Her objection to the whole incident starts with the fact that the girl is in the same class as the boy. If you want segregation, then why are you at this particular school? She continues to rant about how baffled she is that something like this happened. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but these things happen with children, as they are curious little fuckers.

My 3 year-old daughter caught a glimpse of me jumping out of the shower and asked, “how come you have a trunk like an elephant, daddy?” It is absolutely crazy that her wild imagination compared my shrivelled, wrinkly member to an elephant’s trunk, because it’s the only thing she’s ever seen that resembles it! Does that make her a little pervert? Does that mean the devil has poisoned her innocent mind with explicit, incestuous thoughts? No. She is just curious and unaware. Exactly like the boy and girl that kissed. It is perfectly normal for a kid to kiss another kid, or ask about body parts, or wonder why there are differences between genders, and there are many civilized and modern ways to deal with these things.

Threatening to have her older brother beat up the kid who kissed her is not one of those ways. Endorsing that you can bring about justice through aggression and violence is such a common, childish, and backwards belief in this country, and this woman uses that as her supporting crutch. Oh, but she’s not the only one who is at fault here.

The father of the boy is also representing a very misogynistic opposing view. He believes that the girl is at fault for allowing the boy to kiss her. Really? She is at most 4 years old. I don’t think she sat there analyzing the situation and its consequences and took a conscious decision to be kissed. The father’s views are indicative of the general population that believe a girl who was raped is also at fault. She shouldn’t have been wearing tight clothes, or revealing her hair, or whatever bullshit reason. He then goes on to say that his boy can kiss whomever he wants, thereby eluding that this is a totally male driven society. It is perfectly acceptable for a male to kiss whomever he wants, sleep around, drink, and do drugs, while it is unacceptable for his female counterpart. He is basically raising his child to become a little chauvinistic pig, just like daddy. It’s no wonder this country has one of the highest rates of sexual harassment towards women.
A lot of people found this audio clip to be funny. Not me. I think it is sad. I think it is sad that there are still people with these stone age views. And I think we’re doomed as a whole country, as the ignorance is passed on from generation to generation, and children grow up believing that this is the way things work, not just in Egypt, but in life.


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