Inside the Delivery Room: A Man’s Perspective

One of the wildest things you can ever imagine is childbirth. The process of a person being born into existence right before your very eyes is nothing short of a miracle. To see a human life entering the world, and taking their first breath is a very inspiring thing. Watching the process of childbirth makes people have serious, deep and philosophical thoughts… about the meaning of life, the reason for existence and also, for some doctors, opting not to be an ob/gyn.

For those who have seen the birth process, although fascinating, it is simultaneously revolting. Some words come to mind when most people think of birth: life, miracle, nurturing, cute babies etc. Then there are the words I think of: placenta and episiotomy. That’s more than enough to drive any hornier-than-thou man away from your lady parts for a while. I’ll just say that it was so bad, I did a complete 180 and decided to become a urologist! But that’s just me..

Perhaps the circumstances were just not in my favor. Witnessing the birth of someone you know must be a better experience than seeing random people giving birth throughout medical school. And witnessing the birth of someone you love from before they were even a fetus is a completely different experience. I was no longer bothered by the screaming woman in agony, nor the mess of bloody sheets, nor the contorted vag that I was once so particularly fond of. I stood there motionless. My mind was a bundle of confused emotions, not knowing which should prevail. Astonishment, at the tiny human that was my daughter, and terrified about the responsibilities of parenthood that awaited, and amazed by what my wife just did, even though I know she’s going to be reminding me about it for the next few months. But the feeling that did prevail was that I would truly love this person that I don’t even know for as long as I live. Also, I was so relieved that the pregnancy was over and I wouldn’t have to go through that again.

Now, that baby is 3 years old. She is a little person with an even littler sidekick, her 1-year-old sister. The day her sister was born I learned another valuable lesson. Never assume it’s over! The entire process is much easier the second time around. There is no confusion, no panic. There is just the endless love. It’s like once you know that after going through the hormonal wife, the labor pains, and the gruesome delivery, there is a new feeling that only a parent will understand, and its worth it all. Or maybe that’s just me.


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